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Which route do you choose? V-Traffic services are helping you in everyday life and travel, everywhere you go. V-Traffic Safety content, such as Dynamic Road Weather and Animal Warnings, increases travel safety and predictability.

In addition, V-Traffic also provides information on congestion, accidents, traffic disruption, roadworks and major events.

On The Road

V-Traffic in your car

V-Traffic's real-time traffic information is integrated into the car's own GPS navigation systems with RDS-TMC, DAB-TPEG or Connected connections. Availability varies depending on the country. Having TMC traffic information in your car does not always mean V-Traffic, so ask your dealer for availability.

Most of the standalone and retrofit GPS navigation devices like Garmin, Pioneer, Kenwood support V-Traffic service. In most devices, the service is lifetime and can be verified at the time of purchase. Broadcasted technology (RDS-TMC or DAB-TPEG) does not require a SIM card and therefore does not incur extra costs when traveling abroad.

V-Traffic App

Traffic information made Easy & Safe

Take V-Traffic App with you wherever you travel and get real time information of road weather, hazards, roadworks, road closures and, traffic flows on your route. Available on iPhone/iPad and Android.


Traffic reporting

V-Traffic's free iPhone and Android apps help you drive more safely and choose the best route based on real-time traffic! From the V-Traffic App, you can check for example traffic jams, changing driving lenses, danger spots or accidents. When you come across a surprising traffic situation, you see an accident or you notice a slippery drive, you can alert other motorists immediately by sending a report on your smartphone. Make sure you always do it safely and only when the situation permits.

We can make use of your report and combine it with other information and thus help other motorists and radios avoid the disruption or prepare for it.

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